As your former neighbor, I can attest that Logan looks like a Christmas tree as he rides around at night. 🤣 That gateau looked fantastic! I cannot believe how big Ursula has gotten ♥️♥️♥️

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YES to two wheels! I gotta get some of those sweet Christmas tree lights for my commuter.

Fun that you're reading The Vagabond's Way. I also got a copy of it...but I couldn't just read one a day! (Teach me your discipline, Sensai Tammy.) I found that I'd get pulled into the next one...then another. Sooo in two months, I read the entire thing, even with the intention to slowly nibble vs devour. OH WELL. :)

So glad you're getting into the world of Anki. Welcommmmme. (Said in deep, booming voice.) Once you get things dialed, I think you'll find it's fantastic. Here's to ramping up your language learning!

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That cake looks delicious 😋

Wishing you an adventurous weekend!

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❤️ and comment. By the way, there are scientific reasons for walking and cycling helping us in our thinking process. It's the brain getting more oxygen from the light effort. When I'm stuck at work, I either take a walk with my dog or hop on my bike. It always works. One more reason to bike! All this is simpler in Italy where I live.

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