Hello! I’m Tammy Strobel.

I’m an author, photographer, teacher, and cat lover. I've been sharing my creative work online since 2007.

Here are a few fun facts about my work:

  • From 2007-2021, I wrote a popular blog and newsletter called RowdyKittens. I archived RowdyKittens and moved to Substack in 2022. Read more.

  • My first book, You Can Buy Happiness and It's Cheap, was released in 2012. Since then, I've independently published three books about writing and photography.

  • I've developed and taught online classes about writing and photography.

Want to learn more about my work and education? Read my LinkedIn profile. Also, my books and photography are good place to begin.


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What To Expect

  • Writing on topics like creativity, living well, relationships, and more.

  • Interesting links and resources that will spark your creativity and curiosity.

  • Announcements about new books, classes, and collaborative projects.


“Thank you for being transparent and vulnerable in so much of your writing - it's like autumn sunshine!” ~KN

“Love your newsletter, so full of information but it also feels like a friend who is keeping in touch.” ~Silvia

“Your newsletter and spirit always brighten my day. I've been your fan for many years. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful and thoughtful links.” ~Nadya

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reflections on creativity and curiosity


Tammy Strobel

Author, photographer, teacher, & cat lover. Author of YOU CAN BUY HAPPINESS AND IT'S CHEAP and other books about creativity. (she/her/hers)